WILLIAM BANZAI7'S AIRPORT SPECIAL--A Captivating Outing For In Transit Air Travelers on Airport Layover

“Being stuck in an airport, you always end up buying perfume and sunglasses.”
— Lexa Doig--Canadian Actress

 Timing is everything...

Timing is everything...

Who needs that when you can enjoy an authentic Hong Kong experience by joining me on my premium airport layover tour? 

I will welcome you at the airport, help you stow your luggage and thereafter lead you through as much of the essential highlights of Hong Kong as can possibly be sensibly compressed into your scheduled transit layover.

Your premium tour can be extended to cover as many hours as you have available. Airport layover tours generally span 8-4 hours. The more time you have the more you will see. I have the city plan carved into readily adaptable modules. And remember, a full day 8 hour tour is my most popular tour spanning both the Kowloon Peninsula and Hong Kong Island.

For reference, Kowloon is best for experiencing the raw Cantonese street culture of Hong Kong. Hong Kong Island is essential for understanding modern day Hong Kong and its early development as a British Colony.

  Our meeting point. In front of the McDonald's in the Main Arrival Hall.

Our meeting point. In front of the McDonald's in the Main Arrival Hall.

We will travel to our first destination by taxi, bus or train so you can enjoy the magnificent and fascinating views along the way from Lantau Island.

The magnificent view crossing the amazing Stone Cutter Bridge, the second longest cable stayed bridge in the world.

Subject to time constraints, we will visit Victoria Peak, historic Central Hong Kong, Victoria Harbor and the Star Ferry, a magnificent Chinese temple and one of my favorite old Chinese neighborhoods including an old school Chinese wet market and a local snack stop.

I will provide a historic and cultural overview that will allow you to leave this magnificent city with the ability to confidently and knowledgeably relate everything you will see and hear.

The infamous old Kai Tak Airport runway viewed next to my neighborhood, old To Kwa Wan. The small island you see to the right is now a public park surrounded by reclaimed land. The low buildings you see, with one or two exceptions are all gone. I watched a number getting torn down. The neighborhood is vintage 50-60-70's in many respects, with modern high rises rapidly cropping up.

At the end of the tour I will make sure you make it to the airport three hours in advance of your flight departure time either via the Airport Express from Hong Kong station, or by taxi (every cab driver in Hong Kong loves to hear the magic word airport').

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The main taxi queue at Hong Kong's world class Chek Lap Kok Airport on Lantau Island. Red cabs to Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, Green cabs to the New Territories and Blue cabs to destinations on Lantau. When time is of the essence, I often take clients directly to Victoria Peak in a red cab.

  We cover lots of ground on a 6 hour layover tour.

We cover lots of ground on a 6 hour layover tour.

Precise timing and flexibility are the name of this game, so don't be shy and feel free to ask plenty of questions. None of my airport transit layover clients will ever miss their flight!

Important Note: Airport transit/layover tours can also be configured for a visit to the mearby Giant Buddha and Tai O fishing village on Lantau Island.

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“At certain hours, in certain places along the street, you see opening before you the hint of something unmistakable, rare, perhaps magnificent; you would like to say what it is, but everything said of Hong Kong before imprisons your words and obliges you to repeat rather than say.”
— Evans Chan--To Liv(e)