“An image began to form in her mind. There were streets, narrow and crowded with people and vehicles. Above them flashed neon lights and blinking billboards of every colour, shape and size. Some ran up the sides of buildings, others blinked on and off in store windows. In the space above the sidewalk, higher than a double-decker bus, hung flashing neon signs in bright pink, yellow, red, blue, orange, green and white. Yes, if white could be whiter than white, it was when it was in neon...”
— Year of The Golden Dragon--B.L. Sauder


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THE DETAILS: Private Evening Walking Tours OF hong Kong AND Kowloon

Saddle up buckaroos and join me for an evening of gritty neon soaked, street action, tasty street snacking, bustling open air markets teeming with street scenes straight out of Blade Runner and Wong Kar Wai cinema. Sham Shui Po, Mong Kok and Yau Ma Tei, these are quintessential evening venues of "messy urbanism." This is the place where nocturnal Cantonese-street culture meets the pavement. Behold the “seedy magnificence” of old Kowloon!

On my private walking tours of Hong Kong and Kowloon you will literally go places and see things where no mainstream or large group tour can possibly take you. I will meet you at your hotel and safely escort you back at the end of this evening tour. And there will be plenty of history and local culture shared and explained along the way.

Once again, all of my Private Walking Tours of Hong Kong are personalized, so don't be shy and please inquire if you have any special requests.



an urban Night Photography Paradise

Welcome to my turf. Old Kow Loong to the Colonial Brits, Nine Dragons to locals. A place also known as the "Dark Side. " I will take you on a private walking tour to see, experience and photograph exciting Hong Kong evening venues you would never venture to on your own.

Your camera will be chuck full of the seedy magnificence of old Hong Kong and Kowloon. Colorful venues that epitomize the urban street culture of this amazing city. Urban accoutrements such as the gigantic neon signage that sadly is rapidly disappearing under the banner of urban renewal and government regulations, will be prominently on display.

And don't worry, I will be happy to assist you in mastering spectacular night photography with your camera without the necessity of a tripod! You will have plenty of spectacular images to share back home at the end of this tour!

A classic neon soaked street view.

A classic neon soaked street view.

Your expert guide has traversed this nocturnal terrain with camera for thousands of hours and will share all of the hidden places he has discovered through the years. You will be absolutely safe and secure walking the lively backstreets of Old Kowloon with me as your expert local guide.

You will finish this experience as a savvy Hong Kong urban night explorer!

And, if you would like me to reconfigure the tour--to start with the magnificent night view from Victoria Peak or the evening view of Victoria Harbor from the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade, or with a real Hong Kong style meal, just ask. It can be easily arranged.


Oh, and before I forget to mention it, Hong Kong is absolutely a safe city day or night! So leave it to your host to arrange a fascinating not to be missed evening experience on the Streets of Hong Kong!

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How do I do something like this? Ask me on tour, I'm always happy to share!

How do I do something like this? Ask me on tour, I'm always happy to share!

All Artwork by William Banzai7