SUNRISE ON VICTORIA PEAK--A Spectacular Sunrise and A Magnificent Early Morning Walk on Victoria Peak

“Have you ever been experienced?”
— Jimi Hendrix

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The sunrise view from Victoria Peak is quite simply spectacular. It is considered a must go destination for travel, city and landscape photographers from around the globe.

The local photographic community is acutely aware that this is a unique image capture opportunity that changes all year round. The views differ depending on the time of year, cloud formations and weather. One day can be crystal clear with enthralling cloud formations, another with low fog creeping though Victoria Harbor between the towering skyline.

Getting to the best spot will require an early rise to be there well before technical sunrise. If you are up at 4AM, anyone who has experienced jet lag knows why, then what better way to kick off your day? You will enjoy a fabulous golden hour nature walk, a spectacular sunrise photo-op as the city slowly awakens and a well informed presentation of the history of the "Hill District" on Victoria Peak.

When you come with me, there will always be a bit of history...

When you come with me, there will always be a bit of history...

I am the professional who is happy to make all of this happen for you! And I am happy to provide the requisite photographic guidance to help you get that breathtaking image capture. I will also bring my tripod, fence grip and graduated neutral density filter if required.

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