Historic and Cultural Walking Tours of Hong Kong, Old Kowloon and Nearby Venues

“Harbour of many ships, haven of people from China, squatters colony, fun fair, bazaar and boom town. Hong Kong where people come and go and know themselves more impermanent than anywhere else on earth. Beautiful island of many worlds in the arms of the sea. Hong Kong and China just beyond the hills. “
— Many-Splendered Thing--Han Su Yin
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Personalised Hong Kong Walking Tours

My premium walking tours of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon and day excursions to nearby venues are all personalized. I will make sure you will see and experience a truly memorable mix of iconic Hong Kong points of interest as well as plenty of local neighborhoods far off the mainstream tourist map. No two tours are alike. The experience is totally immersive in local history and culture.

A portfolio of cherished pictorial memories.

You can count on plenty of vibrant local street life. You can also expect a smattering of delectable local street snacking coupled with my succinct and entertaining NYC cab driver style of commentary along the way.

The entrance gate to Wong Tai Sin Temple.

As my parents used to say, if you truly want to understand a culture you have to look at how the people eat, pray and trade. That means, among other things, neighborhood street life, local street markets, yummy street food/local eateries and all manner of local temples and shrines.

My personalized Hong Kong history and cultural tours are strictly private, carefully formulated to meet your personal preferences and to cover the maximum practicable itinerary in the elected time frame. I will optimize your scarce visiting time in Hong Kong.

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A Grand Tour of Central Hong Kong and Kowloon

My Grand Tour of Central Hong Kong and Kowloon is my most popular tour. It is 8 hours and covers a wide figure 8 loop through Kowloon, crossing Victoria Harbor, next covering historic Central on Hong Kong Island and the absolute best vantage point on Victoria Peak. We will also make a delicious local style lunch or snack stop along the way. In 8 hours I can deliver a comprehensive presentation of colonial through modern day Hong Kong.

Everyone receives my personal attention.

The half day tour is 4-5-6 hours. I always endeavor to cover as much ground as possible. But simply as a matter of time and geography it is impossible for me to cover the same territory as the full day tour. Nevertheless, I will cover more on your half day tour than you can possibly cover for a full day on your own.

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Cities are fragile constructions, fluid realities; like a precipitate, they’re the result of a constellation of elements converging at a given moment in time.
— Philippe Pons--Macau
A bit of raw Cantonese street culture circa 1950's. This street looks substantially the same today. A quintessential example of    "messy urbanism"    and a street photographer's wet dream.

A bit of raw Cantonese street culture circa 1950's. This street looks substantially the same today. A quintessential example of "messy urbanism" and a street photographer's wet dream.

Private Walking Tours of Kowloon and Hong Kong Island

I am often asked to do specialised full day walking tours of Old British Kowloon and/or Hong Kong Island.

For reference, Kowloon Peninsula is best for experiencing the gritty and raw Cantonese street culture of Hong Kong that I love to share (yes I coined that phrase!). There are many lively old neighborhoods and local markets that not yet been conquered by Starbucks and real estate developers. And there is a significant local history of Kowloon preceding the arrival of the British.

Hong Kong Island is essential for understanding modern Hong Kong as well as its early history and development as a British Colony. While there are still interesting old Chinese neighborhoods, it requires a bit more imagination given the accelerating pace of new construction and urban gentrification in a limited amount of space. Wanchai, just as an example, is struggling with severe urban redevelopment. Thankfully there are a smattering of heritage sites there that have survived the wrecking ball.  And, of course, Hong Kong Island is where you will find the magnificent vistas of Victoria Peak!

All of my tours begin with a bit of history and geography to provide my clients with bearings and context.

All of my tours begin with a bit of history and geography to provide my clients with bearings and context.

In either case, I have an entertaining cultural, historic and current events presentation which I pass along in order to help you assimilate an essential “big picture” perspective of Hong Kong and its surrounding environs.

Sampling the Hong Kong street snack Big Ten.

And speaking of pictures, since I am a professional photographer, I am always happy to take plenty of pictures of you and your group along the way, as well as to point out all of the best shots. This professional level service and is entirely complimentary.

At the end of your tour you will depart my company with a splendid mini-portfolio of memorable photographs that will bring a smile to your face for many years to follow!

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I have done over 450 private walking tours in Hong Kong, Kowloon and environs in three years.

Generally I do the following:

Private Tours of Hong Kong;
Private Walking Tours of Hong Kong;
Private Photo Tours of Hong Kong;
Private Street Photography Courses in Hong Kong;
Private Night Tours of Hong Kong;
Private Cultural Tours of Hong Kong;
Private Kid Friendly Family Style Tours of Hong Kong;
Private Layover  and Airport Transfer Tours of Hong Kong;
Private Cruise Ship and Shore Excursion Tours of Hong Kong;
Corporate and Business Traveler Private Tours of Hong Kong

Remember to inquire about a day excursion to wonderful Old Portuguese Macau.


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“You can leave Hong Kong, but it will never leave you.”
— Nury Vittachi, Hong Kong: The City of Dreams
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